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Residential and Commercial Electrical Repairs

We're your local, go-to solution when electrical problems crop up. Is there a light flickering in the hallway? A faulty outlet in the kitchen? Or a circuit breaker that's always tripping? No matter the issue, we're ready to dive in and help you restore order.

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Professional Repair of Electrical Systems

Our electrical repair services cover a wide range of areas, including:

Circuit Breakers: They serve as protectors, cutting off the power when they sense an overload or short circuit. If your breaker trips too often, it's a telltale sign that it needs repair.

Dead Outlets: A variety of reasons could cause an outlet to stop functioning. It could be a loose connection or internal damage. We'll inspect it, diagnose the problem, and fix it or replace the outlet if needed.

Flickering Lights: Flickering lights could mean a loose connection or an overloaded electrical system. We'll investigate the cause and rectify the problem.

Damaged Wiring: Worn-out or damaged wiring can pose a severe safety risk. Let us deal with it so you don't have to face any hazards.

Electrical Surges: Frequent surges in your lights or appliances? It could signal a larger problem with your electrical system. Contact us if this happens, and we will come get it fixed.

Electrical Troubleshooting: At times, the problem is not straightforward. With our experience, we can diagnose and solve even the most complex electrical issues.

Why Choose Us For Your Electrical Repairs in Salt Lake City

When You Choose BrightSpark Electric to fix electrical issues, you can expect:

Our motto is, "Do it once, do it right! We don't take shortcuts. We believe in clear communication. We'll explain problems if they happen and create a plan to fix them.  We start working only after you feel comfortable with the approach. Our mission? To leave you feeling secure about the safety and proper working of your electrical systems.

Whether you live in a home, run a business on busy Main Street, or manage a store in charming Sugar House, you can trust us for all your electrical repair needs.

And don't forget, we're just a quick call away whenever you need us. Let's work hand in hand to ensure your Salt Lake City home or business is always secure, well-lit, and buzzing with energy! Contact us at (801) 515-2687.

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